Featured Volunteers

Bridget Marr

Bridget Marr Being an IHC volunteer is like getting a whole new perspective on the world. We are so caught up in everyday material things that we don't enjoy the simple things that people who need support do.

I now don't worry about things, if I want to dance in public I will, if I want to laugh, I will. It's a breath of fresh air. Before I joined I thought of it as one-sided, my buddy really needed me and I was there to make a difference. But after the first week I realised I needed by buddies as much as they needed me. It's a two-way thing, a bond that sits deep in your heart. I would suggest this to every age, gender and culture. It will change your life for the good. Get involved, see you there!

Bridget is a volunteer with IHC’s one-to-one Friendship Programme.

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