Featured Volunteers

Lorna & Ken Weeks

Lorna and Ken Weeks were nominated in recognition of nearly 20 years of service delivering meals for the YWCA.

The couple met in 1959 as a result of a mutual interest in Scottish country dancing and people they met through the dancing club who also delivered meals on wheels.

These day, Ken 79 and Lorna 82, deliver up to 18 meals each Wednesday to residents in Dinsdale.

"I enjoy being able to help people and we meet a lot of people, we have a chat and make friends, with some we are the only person they see," Lorna said.

YWCA mobile meals co-ordinator Paula Johnson said the efforts of people like Lorna and Ken were vital to the service. The YWCA is one of two major providers of meals-on-wheels in Hamilton and delivers between 80 and 110 meals a day.

Photograph courtesy of the Hamilton Press

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