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Volunteering Waikato's General Manager, Heather Moore, is a regular columnist for Tonic Magazine, published by Exult, with a column called 'Volunteer Matters'. You are welcome to share these articles, providing that you acknowledge the author and the source (Heather Moore, for Tonic Magazine.

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What makes a great Volunteer Co-ordinator?

GET IN TOUCH – FAST! If someone volunteers for your organisation, contact them immediately, thanking them for their interest, and outlining the application process. Volunteers ...
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Involving Volunteers in Financial Matters

One thing that I have come to learn is that those managing non-profit organisations are often expected to have excellent skills in pretty much everything from media, marketing, ...
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End of Year Celebrations

Like most volunteer involving organisations, we are heavily reliant on our team of volunteers, who outnumber our paid staff by five to one. Ensuring that our volunteers are well ...
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Is Your Organisation Volunteer Ready?

It seems that often community organisations have far more problems, and more complex problems, with their volunteers than with their paid staff, and sometimes it is pretty clear ...
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The Power of Individual and Collective Contribution

June is a big month for those of us in the volunteering world, with National Volunteer Week (June 15-22) prompting a range of initiatives around the country to celebrate and ...
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The Top Ten Volunteer Complaints

As most community organisations are heavily volunteer reliant, it is of course vital that they take care of their teams. It surprises us how often we hear the same complaints from ...
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