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Safety Guidelines for Employee Volunteering - click here to view

The importance of health and safety in volunteering and the particular issues faced by employee volunteers has led to a new publication, the Employee Volunteering Health and Safety Guidelines, published recently by Volunteering New Zealand... CLICK HERE to download this resource.

The Recruitment of Volunteers and the Human Rights Act (1993) - click here to view

The Human Rights Act protects people from unlawful discrimination. The Act’s intention is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly in key areas of life, including employment, and this includes the recruitment of volunteers.

Reimbursement of Volunteers' Expenses - click here to view

Volunteering Waikato encourages community organisations to reimburse the actual expenses, eg travel, of your volunteers... but make sure you know the IRD rules regarding reimbursement - CLICK HERE for more details

Checking Criminal Records - click here to view

The purpose of vetting is to minimise the likelihood of the more vulnerable members of society, eg children, older people and those with disabilities, being put at risk by individuals who may have displayed behaviour that could be detrimental to others\' safety and wellbeing - CLICK HERE to learn how to CHECK CRIMINAL RECORDS

Working with volunteers with disabilities - click here to view

The time and skills of people with disabilities are often under utilised. They want to contribute to the community the same as any other person - CLICK HERE for more information

When the role doesn’t suit the volunteer - click here to view

Sometimes this situation arises. What can we do? Much depends on when you realise that the role doesn’t suit and the sooner this happens the better it is for everyone - CLICK HERE for more information

Referral Summary for Member Organisations - click here to view

This sheet for member organisations outlines the volunteer recruitment and referral processes - from listing a position, to notifying us of an outcome for each volunteer.