Volunteering Waikato Volunteer Team

Volunteering Waikato Volunteer Team


Eileen has been part of the interviewing team for some ten years. Souveniered from London many years ago, Eileen has had a long career that has encompassed Husband and child rearing, Nursing and teaching in the secondary and tertiary sector with the odd foray into volunteering. On retiring from the paid workforce, it seemed a natural progression to become involved with an organisation that works closely with people. VW provides the interesting challenge of not knowing who one is going to meet and working towards a satisfying outcome for the clients. Eileen’s interests include family, Dogs, theatre and dance, playing bridge and travelling in lovely New Zealand and overseas.


Paula was born and bred in Hamilton and has lived here most of her life. Before having her daughter Paula worked as a PA, and appreciates being able to use those skills in her role at Volunteering Waikato, as this keeps her skills current. In her previous role Paula was involved in the recruitment of new staff, and find that these HR skills are very useful for her role as one of our Interviewing team. Paula has been part of this team since early 2011, she enjoys travelling, going to the gym, and family. She currently also volunteers for Epilepsy New Zealand, and previously volunteered at Waikato Hospital and Rhode St School.


Alan has been an interviewer at Volunteering Waikato for eight years and loves the work for the people contact. “We certainly meet people from all walks of life” he says. Alan is a keen cyclist and is currently training for the World Masters Games. Hailing from the South Island West Coast, Alan has led a full and colourful working life. These days he spends a lot of time as an English Language tutor and proofreader, but he worked for 30 years as a Free Lance Cycling Journalist. Along with his wife June, Alan has been a resident of Hamilton for 30 years and is a proud father of two sons. He also has one grandson and four granddaughters.


Maurice moved to Hamilton five years ago. He recently graduated with a Bachelor in Media Arts, majoring in Public Relations at Wintec. He also plays for the Waikato Wheelchair Basketball team. “Volunteering has been a new and exciting adventure for me. Throughout this short space of time, I’ve discovered strengths and skills that I never knew I had. I am very thankful to be a part of the team at Volunteering Waikato. I get to meet people from all walks of life, it has made me realise that we have a strong community of people willing to give. I am very proud to be a part of it”.


Trainee Interviewer
"I believe in human solidarity". Life keeps us entangled with the mission to survive in the society where fame, money and power have become the primary objective of people. In this socialistic war and modernisation, we are missing compassion and the skill of sharing life with each other. We have driven away from our true self and purpose which is spreading peace, love and harmony. Working for someone without any expectations to enrich lives is the medium to help ourselves as well. "Do good, and good will come your way". I thank Volunteering Waikato for giving me an opportunity to help people, and myself, to progress in the real life.


Lynda joined the Interviewing team in 2016 after looking for a voluntary role in a professional environment. She has a background in human resources and professional development delivery and was aiming to strengthen her confidence after years as a full time mother, and she has loved being back working as part of a team. Lynda appreciates the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, and particularly enjoys the cultural diversity that this role offers. Other than her time with Volunteering Waikato Lynda enjoys getting involved in the community through volunteering at one-off events and functions.


Born and brought up in Sri Lanka I had always wanted to visit New Zealand as it was such an amazing country. I have been working in Dubai for almost five years when I finally decided to move to New Zealand to further my studies early this year. I am currently enjoying life in Hamilton and am excited about the new opportunities that await me. The Volunteering Waikato team has been so friendly and welcoming that I am eager to do more great projects. It gives me great pleasure as I get the opportunity to help make a difference. As the great saying from Mahatma Gandhi says “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in service to others!” and that’s what I hope to do.


Accounts Volunteer
By far our longest serving volunteer, Ruth has been with Volunteering Waikato since 1994, taking care of our accounts. She processes our accounts, looks after our MYOB, reconciliations, banking and other accounting type things that confuse the rest of us. Before retiring Ruth worked for 35 years in an office for the combined Rural Bank and Housing Corporation. She continues in her voluntary role to ‘keep her brain ticking over’, she loves gardening, watching sport and chocolate! Ruth enjoys the atmosphere in our offices, describing it as ‘relaxing’. She has seen a huge amount of change over the years and appreciates the changes that technology and maturity of the organisation have brought.


Data Entry
Angela has been volunteering here in a data entry role for more than 10 years, having studied computer administration at Wintec. She previously worked in a similar role for the Department of Social Welfare and Inland Revenue. During her ten years with Volunteering Waikato Angela has seen a huge change, including increased professionalism, and the regionalisation of our services. Her role has also changed in recent years due to the increased move to online services and away from paper-based systems. Angela enjoys walking, catching up with friends, spending time on her home computer watching Youtube videos and listening to music from the 70s and 80s.


Member Services
Ten years ago Tricia left paid employment, saw an advertisement for a voluntary role with the VW team, and has been here ever since - in a variety of roles. Currently she works with the Member Services team, and enjoys having regular contact with our Member Organisations, and with the wider Volunteering Waikato team. Her annual role of supervising the Christmas Gift Wrapping at The Base is however her favourite role. Tricia is a hands-on grandparent of four, she loves bowls, sports (participating and watching), quiz nights – and Elvis. Tricia believes that nothing is too hard, and “Life is too short to be taken too seriously!”


Member Services
Ivy joined our new Member Services team just after it was formed in 2015. Having recently retired with her husband from dairy farming she was looking to do something different with her time, something that would stretch her and keep her engaging with different people. She enjoys chatting to our clients over the phone, and loves providing great customer service. Ivy also volunteers at Cambridge I-Site, and enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, gardening and landscaping. Although born in Queensland, Ivy has been in New Zealand since 1976 and has recently become a New Zealand citizen.


Client Services
Jan moved to Hamilton from Wellington 11 years ago, to be with her now-husband, Kevin. She has a background in market research and call centre work having worked for Colmar Brunton and Teleflora. Jan has been with the team since October 2011, “I love the environment at Volunteering Waikato, everyone is so friendly.” Jan initially came to Volunteering Waikato looking for a way to help the community. Her role as Client Services is a perfect role for Jan as she enjoys phone work. Jan loves her garden, loves to travel – particularly to Europe - and loves reading. She has two children, four grandchildren and one great granddaughter.


Client Services
Kia orana - I am Susan and I have recently moved from Wellington to Hamilton and have become slowly acquainted with the wonderful River walks and cheaper than Wellington public transport. I am a Mother, Grandmother and live here with family, including two of my four grandchildren. My parents came over from the Cook Islands in the 1950’s to work and make a better life for themselves and family. My children, grandchildren and I were born here in Aotearoa. I do like the warmer weather and that Hamilton is so central. As I am getting my bearings, joined the library, volunteer as a tutor at Literacy Waikato and here at Volunteering Waikato, I am beginning to feel a sense of settling in.


Jenny recently retired after many years working in the finance and insurance industry. Over the years she has volunteered for many organisations - sporting clubs, school events, committees, fundraising - always enjoying the experience and being involved. She is looking forward to her new role as an Interviewer, where she can help clients into roles they will enjoy. In her spare time Jenny can be found in her gardening, biking, walking, at speedway or hanging out with family, friends and her grandies. She has recently become a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled and Hamilton Netball, both organisations she has a passion for.


Tiffany was born and brought up in Hamilton. She enjoys learning and recently returned to university to study postgraduate science. Having done a lot of volunteering in the past, including the Ronald McDonald House and NZ Red Cross, she has been looking for a new challenge. She would love to have the opportunity to help others get the same benefits and enjoyment that she got from her voluntary roles. Tiffany is therefore grateful for the chance to be an interviewer for Volunteering Waikato and to have the privilege of contributing to the community.


After 14 years of looking after the administration side of our company, raising twin boys and being heavily involved in the school environment, I decided it was time to add something else to my life. I love meeting new people, organising, planning and helping others so felt Volunteering Waikato was a good fit for me.
My passions include spending as much time with my boys as possible in their teenage years, quality time with friends, summers at the beach and overseas adventures.
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