Volunteering Waikato Board of Trustees

The following people are the Board of Trustees of Volunteering Waikato.

Board Members

Rachel Scott

Rachel is a Solicitor and practices in Hamilton at the firm Tompkins Wake, as a Senior Associate. She specialises in civil litigation, with a particular interest in insolvency, tax disputes/litigation and environmental law. Prior to her employment at Tompkins Wake, Rachel was in-house Counsel for the Commissioner of Inland Revenue and more recently another well known Hamilton firm for around 8 years.
Rachel is very interested in being involved in the Waikato community and using her professional skills to make a difference at Volunteering Waikato. Rachel has two teenage children and enjoys spending time in the outdoors when she isn’t at work. She looks forward to her involvement with Volunteering Waikato whilst occupying a Board position.

Sarah Gibb

Deputy Chair
Sarah has worked in the community sector for a long time; a combination of teaching and a variety of community development roles in NZ and overseas including managing large numbers of volunteers.
Sarah currently works at Community Waikato as an advisor, providing capability and capacity strengthening services to community groups. She has a particular interest in community funding and planning and volunteer driven transport services. Sarah believes there is great satisfaction and reward for people volunteering, for both the individuals involved and the community groups supported. She values the opportunity to participate on this board.

Avi Chand

Avi’s brings a rich portfolio of skills and experience built up from leading and working on numerous projects, particularly in the areas of risk management, corporate finance, financial accounting, strategic planning and performance reporting.
Avi is currently a Manager working for Deloitte Hamilton and takes a particular interest in the Local Government, Public Health, Energy and the Not for Profit sectors. Avi is thrilled to be a part of Volunteering Waikato and looks forward to contributing his set of skills to Volunteering Waikato.

Raewyn Calvert

Raewyn comes from a career in volunteer management, having worked for Volunteering Waikato, Hospice Waikato and the Waikato Bay of Plenty Cancer Society. She currently delivers volunteer training for the Cancer Society, and has conducted some training for Volunteering Waikato. She also conducts facilitation and training in the corporate sector.
Raewyn is a board member on the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust and volunteers as a cancer consumer representative, both roles which fit well with her passions. She is also a celebrant who enjoys working alongside people during significant times in their lives. She is delighted to be a part of the Volunteering Waikato team again!

Gail Gilbert

Gail comes from a career in teaching, Social Services and the community sector, both in New Zealand and overseas. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer with Age Concern Hamilton and has a special interest in strengthening the lifelong learning opportunities for the older population, including volunteering. Gail trained as a Zumba Gold Instructor in order to provide fun, low impact, dance exercise classes for older people and others in the community. She is very pleased to be a Trustee of Volunteering Waikato in order to help contribute to their community work.

Vicki Hill

Vicki is Centre Manager of Melody Childcare Centre, a not-for-profit community based Childcare Centre in Hamilton. She has been an active board member of the Melody Childcare Centre board since 1999. Melody is a member organisation of Volunteering Waikato, and Vicki has experienced first hand the benefits of receiving volunteer assistance accessed through Volunteering Waikato. As well as working full time, Vicki is currently working towards completing her Masters of Educational Leadership at Waikato University. Vicki is looking forward to adding further diversity of skills and experience to the Volunteering Waikato Board.
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