Forms & templates for volunteer management

These forms and templates are examples which your organisation may find useful for volunteer recruitment and management. You are welcome to use or adapt these any way you choose!

Portable Document Format (PDF)TEMPLATE: Requests for Volunteers
This form is to assist member organisations in preparing to list a position on the Volunteering Waikato website. It contains the same questions and fields as the online form. (66kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)GUIDE: Writing A Volunteer Role Description
This template is to assist you to in writing a volunteer role description. It contains a range of considerations, which may or may not be applicable in different situations. (101kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)TEMPLATE: Volunteer Role Description - Basic
Do your volunteers have role descriptions? Role descriptions are just as important for volunteers as they are for paid staff. CLICK HERE for an example of a basic volunteer role description. (25kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SAMPLE: Volunteer Application Form
Getting your potential volunteers to complete an application form is a great way to ensure you have the basic information that you may need... this is an example of a basic application form. (39kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SAMPLE: Volunteer Agreement
Do you have a written agreement or contract between your organisation and your volunteers? CLICK HERE for an example of a volunteer agreement. (108kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SAMPLE: Volunteer Exit Survey
When volunteers leave your organisation, do you seek feedback from them? This can be a valuable way of gaining information for the continued improvement of your volunteer programme. CLICK HERE for an example of a Volunteer Exit Survey. (112kb)
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